We conduct a professional assessment for children and adults who have communication difficulties. The assessment is an interactive process that will include the AAC user, their family and regular communication partners. As the communication needs of the AAC user are constantly changing, continuous assessment is part of the ongoing AAC intervention process.

AAC intervention

Once the assessment is complete we determine if the AAC user needs intervention to help them to use the system.  The intervention team includes everyone who communicates regularly with the AAC user such as family members, caretakers, teachers and other therapists. Access to communication is important wherever you are!

Young adult communication project

This is a dynamic group of young adults who use AAC, who currently meet once a month. The group provides a relaxed, social and supportive environment within which they can improve their AAC skills. Meetings are co-facilitated by mentors who successfully use AAC and motivate group members to master their AAC system. They also offer incredible emotional support and encouragement.

The programme has been structured by our AAC Practitioners and its objectives are:

To build competency in AAC and linguistic skills.

To provide an opportunity to practice critical skills and develop confidence.

To promote independent effective communication.

To encourage higher self -esteem through interaction and participation.

To promote independent effective communication.

Valley of 1000 Hills AAC Outreach Project

We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice which is why we started our Valley of 1000 hills AAC Outreach project. We provide assessments and intervention to children with communication difficulties in the Valley of 1000 Hills. By introducing AAC skills early we hope to create communication circles in which these children can develop effective communication skills and confidence from an early age.  We also address AAC education of family members and the primary communication partners, in order that they may most effectively facilitate effective communication by the child.

Preschool communication project

Early intervention is important for those who require AAC. To enable this, we have partnered with two organisations, Khetiwe and Action in Autism. Together, we work with preschool groups at these centres and provide access to AAC resources and intervention. At these sites we have developed communication circles with the children in need of AAC and their peers to develop communication skills and become school-ready

Resource centre

We have a well-stocked AAC Resource Centre.  Whether you are a therapist, teacher, parent or potential AAC user you are welcome to come and have a look at what we have available.  Adapted toys, books and devices can be tried out at our centre.  Some of our resources are available online here.  


Effective communication is essential to a successful education. We provide workshops to assist schools to implement AAC in their classrooms. This ensures learners with communication difficulties are able to access their education effectively. Contact us for more details on how we can assist your school.

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